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Town Council Meeting on: AugustĀ 9, 2022

Section of Agenda
Regular Agenda - New Business

Agenda Title

Lake Drive Park Donations Acceptance and Donor Signage Overview

Carolyn Stone, Assistant Town Manager


a. Review of Donations Received to Date for Lake Drive Park


b. RESOLUTION NO. 099-2022: A Resolution of the Town Council of the Town of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, Approving an agreement between national philanthropic Trust and Town of Palm Beach for a Donor Gift to Lake Drive Park


c. Proposed Donor Signage

Carolyn Stone, Assistant Town Manager

a. Memorandum Dated July 25, 2022, From Carolyn Stone, Assistant Town Manager
a. Exhibit A - Copy of Lake Drive Park Marina Donations 2022-0725
a. Agreement Between National Philanthropic Trust & The Town of Palm Beach
b. RESOLUTION NO. 099-2022
c. Exhibit C - Proposed Donor Signage Layout Plan