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Town Council Meeting on: AugustĀ 9, 2022

Section of Agenda
Ordinances - Second Reading

Agenda Title

Proposed Ordinance to Amend Chapter 74, Parks and Recreation, to Modify Use of the Public Beaches


ORDINANCE NO. 012-2022 An Ordinance of the Town Council of the Town of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, Amending the Town Code of Ordinances at Chapter 74, Parks and Recreation, Article II, Division 3., Regulation of Use of Public Beaches, Section 74-193, Drinking to Retitle Said Section to Read Drinking and Smoking So As To Prohibit Drinking of Intoxicating Beverages and Smoking of Cigarettes or any Tobacco Product With The Exception of Unfiltered Cigars Upon The Public Beaches In The Town; Further, Creating A New Article VII Titled Smoking In Public Parks, Creating A New Section 74-284 Titled Prohibition Of Smoking, So As To Prohibit The Smoking Of Cigarettes Or Any Tobacco Product Excepting Unfiltered Cigars In The Public Parks In The Town; Providing A Penalty; Providing For Severability; Providing For Repeal Of Ordinances In Conflict; Providing For Codification And Providing An Effective Date.

Nicholas Caristo, Chief of Police

Ordinance No. 012-2022