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Town Council Meeting on: January 11, 2022

Section of Agenda
Regular Agenda - Old Business

Agenda Title

COVID-19 Situation Update

Kirk W. Blouin, Town Manager


a. COVID-19 Monthly Report

Darrel Donatto, Fire Rescue Chief


b. RESOLUTION NO. 010-2022 A Resolution of the Town Council of the Town of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, Concurring with the Request of the Town's Chief of Police, to Extend the Chief's Declaration of the Existence of a State of Emergency within the Corporate Limits of the Town to February 8, 2022, Unless Earlier Terminated by the Chief of Police, at which time the Town Council will Address the Need for any Extension of the Declaration of Emergency; Providing for an Effective Date.


a. Memorandum Dated January 10, 2022, from Darrel Donatto, Fire Rescue Chief
b. Resolution No. 010-2022