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Town Council Meeting Development Review on: January 12, 2022

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Development Review - Old Business

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ZON-21-012 (AKA Z-20-00299) (ARC-21-051) 1015 SOUTH OCEAN BOULEVARD (COMBO)  SPECIAL EXCEPTION REQUEST WITH SITE PLAN REVIEW AND VARIANCES   The applicant, 1015 South Ocean LLC (Maura Ziska, manager), has filed an application requesting Town Council review and approval for a Special Exception Request with Site Plan Review and variances (1) to reduce the required front setback and (2) to reduce the building height plane setback for both the one- and two-story portions, in order to build a new two-story residence on a lot nonconforming in depth.  Please refer to the staff memo for more information on this project.  [Architectural Review Commission Recommendation:  Implementation of the proposed variance(s) will not cause negative architectural impact to the subject property.  Carried 5-2.]  [The Architectural Review Commission approved the project as presented.  Carried 4-3.]   


PZB Staff Memorandum
Letter Dated September 20, 2021 from Lionel Vickar
Letter Dated September 21, 2021 from Mary Stephania Conrad
Letter Dated December 3, 2021 from Francis X. J. Lynch
Email Dated October 25, 2021 from Francis X.J. Lynch
Attachment with Email Dated October 25, 2021 from Francis X. J. Lynch