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Town Council Meeting Development Review on: January 12, 2022

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Development Review - Old Business

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Z-21-00385 SPECIAL EXCEPTION WITH SITE PLAN REVIEW  Zoning District: R-B Low Density Residential  The application of 239 MONTEREY ROAD LLC (Louis Capano, Jr., Manager), Applicant, relative to property located at 223 MONTEREY RD, legal description on file, is described below.   The lot is non conforming in area: 9,000 square feet in lieu of the l0,000 square feet required in the R-B Zoning District; and in width: 90 feet in width in lieu of the 100 foot minimum required in the R-B Zoning District. Request to demolish the existing one story residence, accessory structure, pool, driveway and miscellaneous site walls, piers and fences and construct a new 3,902 square foot  single family two-story home on a non conforming lot (overall size and width) meeting all applicable Town codes. The request includes a driveway, pool/spa, hardscape and landscape, including an emergency generator and civil storm water and grading.  [Applicant's Representative: Maura Ziska Esq]  [The Architectural Review Commission approved the project as presented.  Carried 5-2.] 


Memorandum Dated August 24, 2021 from Wayne Bergman, Director of Planning, Zoning and Building
Comments from the Development Review Committee
Email Dated September 13, 2021 from Candace Barasch
Letter Dated September 14, 2021 from Peter Broberg
Email Dated September 15, 2021 from Susan Gray
Letter Dated September 17, 2021 from Steven and Heather Wolf
Letter Dated September 23, 2021 from Roger Janssen Office to Steven Wolf
Letter Dated September 23, 2021 from Roger Janssen Office to Peter Broberg
Letter Dated October 20, 2021 from Peter Broberg